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Our principles in the development of web projects

Website as a Digital Asset

Digital project development – is an investment in your own business, in creating a valuable digital asset. Such asset increases capitalization of your business. It often becomes the main intangible asset of the company.

When evaluating/selling business, attracting investments, properly managed and rationally designed resource defines the success of the whole project.

We will help you receive the best returns on such investments, lend expert assistance in the field of intellectual rights and minimize possible risks.

We operate effectively and successfully on any level of immersion to the business environment both at the executive level and at the level of discretionary management of the projects. We are always ready to offer optimal model of cooperation in every specific situation.

Intraweb creates effective digital assets for you.

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Content – King!

We prepare text, graphic and multimedia content that makes the visitor stay on the website and which reveals unique features of the brand, it deepens the impression and intensifies the impact, convinces and sells.

We write scripts and produce promotional videos.

Create new Experience (UX)

We transfer business processes of the company to the internet, and create new ones.

We design behavioral scripts that are used on the website.

We offer optimal data submission structure on the website based on the behavioral patterns of such scripts.

We develop a dynamic website prototype that demonstrates the principles of the website operation prior to the maintenance.

Easy to manage and secure

Own Assembling Technology of the Management Systems (Content Management Framework)

makes it possible to compile individual control system for your website. It has nothing superfluous, the system works quickly and reliably. Easy and convenient for a user.

Only the Necessary

The system automatically adapts to the demands and needs of the project, thus the finished CMS is easy to use – it doesn’t have functionality which is never used in the project, unlike the standard CMS.

Mobile Management

Ready-made CMS can be comfortably operated from your mobile device, as well as from your PC/Laptop.

Reliability and Performance

Due to the use of popular OpenSource projects (Laravel, VueJS)

Fast Operation

Saving user’s traffic and loading the website in 1-3 seconds due to PHP7, nginx, caching technologies.

Flexible Scaling

Ready-made CMS expands without reassembling the website (for example, connect billing, social network API etc.)

More details
  • Security - connecting an SSL certificate - a big plus for the SEO

  • Displayed correctly on mobile devices

  • We measure the loading speed and take the necessary measures to accelerate it.

  • Complex load and security tests

  • Website Backup to Dropbox cloud, Amazon, Google Drive

  • Extensive checklist of the SEO-requirements - proper indexing of the website by the search engines

  • We perform A / B testing of individual pages on the website and we lay the mechanisms to carry out such tests in the future

  • We teach how to update information on the website and we will gladly help solve any issues that may arise.

Modern Design and Technology

  • Adaptive Design (Responsive Design)

  • Material World design (Material Design) or Flat Design, less frequently - skeuomorph (Skeuomorphism)

  • MobileFirst - approach

  • Optimized for 4K / Retina Displays

Key Technologies that Ensure Success of the Projects

  • Tracking System – our own technology. We keep track of each website user individually; it’s possible to see how much each user has spent within a particular advertising campaign and all the way down to which announcement he clicked.

  • Google Analytics, Yandex Metrics, Bing

  • Agile Scrum, Waterfalls - Own document management system, where essential agreements between the studio and the customer are documented at every stage of their cooperation.

  • Laravel(5000 stars on Github, the most popular PHP framework in the OpenSource world)

  • MySQL, PostgreSQL (MySQL is a popular and accessible database. We choose PostgreSQL for supporting SQL standards, strictness of inspections and detailed documentation)

  • NodeJS, Socket.IO (real-time notification on the website, a set of technologies based on which the software is built to improve quality and speed)

  • Digital Ocean, Vultr(cloud hosting -. A popular solution for the website. The software is installed on the VPS without restriction, productive SSD drives accelerate the loading speed of the website. The price is more favorable than for standard hostings. In 95% of cases we choose the cloud solutions)

  • BitBucket, GitHub (version control system, to put it simply – a storage for the history of code change of the website. Working without it is like jumping from an airplane without a parachute)

  • FrontendSkeleton (a set of technologies accumulated over the years for the layout - Stylus, VueJS, Rupture, Autoprefixer etc.)

  • Sketch, Photoshop, Illustrator

  • Mockflow, MindMap, Visual Paradigm

  • Paper and pen.

  • PHPUnit, PHPSpec (testing individual parts of the website or the entire website. A website with a test coverage is not afraid of changes and edits to the functional)

  • Trello

  • Wrike

  • Pivotaltracker

  • Slack (the leader among the team messengers, as evidenced by the growth rate of its popularity - 12 thousand users in January 2014, 1.7 million users in October 2015.)

  • Zoom, Skype(live communication about the project irregardless of the distance. No way round it)

  • We integrate online shops with 1C and other CRM, connect payment systems, create personal accounts, organize the ability to download huge price lists, access through social networks, etc. Import-export data. Docking with ERP

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