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Monetize mobile apps

We live in a Mobile World

Mobile devices rapidly and irrevocably burst into our lives. The industry of mobile applications develops more rapidly than any other field of IT. With the help of mobile applications it has become normal for us to order a pizza, ask for water delivery, call a taxi, buy tickets to a movie or concert, etc. It's more convenient than using the website. These are extensive opportunities and its a new and more familiar behavioral experience for mobile devices (UX).

Successful mobile application, as well as the website is a digital asset for your business. The development of mobile applications - is an investment in your own business, with the aim to obtain a liquid digital asset.

The Intraweb agency will assess the profitability of application ideas using our own unique methods, develop applications, will take over its monetization and will render expert support for throughout the work process.

We implement Optional Monetization Scheme

Free App with Ads

The goal of the developer - to get as many users as possible. Data about their behavior is analyzed and is provided to advertisers who are willing to pay for advertising in the app. According to the research by Developer Economics, it is the most popular way to monetize mobile applications today.


Freemium-app features include basic (free) and additional functions that the user can obtain for money. The idea of this model – is to attract people to use the application by providing a set of basic functions and to tempt them to buy more.

Search Engine Promotion

Attracting visitors to your website, mobile application or to a page in social networks from search engines through SEO campaigns. It’s designed for a long-term perspective. It begins with the formation of the semantic core and optimizing the project. The result – leading positions at the semantic requests, which allow you to get the targeted traffic. Nowadays, search engine promotion is considered more widely – in the context of search marketing. It is reflected in the fact that in addition to the search engines, other sources are actively being used, such as social media, media sites, reviews, video, graphic content.

We will select and implement the best search engine promotion for your project, and estimate the profitability of such investment.

In-game Purchases

Applications, which are monetized on such scheme, sell products - virtual or real. It can be clothing, accessories - real things that users need. There may be virtual goods, such as characters, clothes and items for them, game currency.


The user pays for obtaining access to the content, and not to the application possibilities. This model is consonant with Freemium.


In the sponsorship model the advertiser rewards the user for certain actions in the application. Monetization tools are usually brands and advertising agencies. Application owner receives a percentage of the payments conducted between users and advertisers.

We work with all Platforms

We create and promote Applications of all Types


Content application

Innovative projects


Our Clients are

Taxi providers

Food delivery services: pizzas,
cafes, bars, restaurants

Online stores

Water delivery services

Investors with an app
or startup idea

Promotion of the application and the struggle for success of their monetization involves non-standard actions and bold experiments. The only rule that works here – there are no rules. A scheme that successfully worked for one app might not necessarily be effective for another.

We will offer optional monetizing scheme for an app, as well as carry out cost-efficiency analysis of the whole project.

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