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Digital Marketing

The maximum impact of the digital asset

Increasing Digital Assets Liquidity

For a successful business, you need an audience. If your audience is growing and it often turns to your services – this is the key to success. Loyal audience is a part of a digital asset.

Gathering an audience around the software product is very important, but is not enough. Everyone is tempted to try out the product or service of your competitor, thus without any further actions, the audience you gathered is unstable and can only give short-term results.

We will analyze your business, form the requirements for the marketing strategy. On its basis, we will form an effective promotion strategy, intended for a long-term perspective.

Intraweb helps maximize the economic return from the existing digital asset.

Our Digital Marketing Services


Is the most important tool in any promotion work spheres, which allows you to evaluate the efficiency of communications with the consumer of the product and make decisions with the aim to improve it. Everything is measured: sales levels, efficiency of advertising campaigns, conversion metrics (KPI) return on investments (ROI), customer’s life cycle (LTV).

We use our own analytics system, which gives maximum data depth, combined with traditional Google Analytics and Yandex metrics.

Our own system of data collection and analysis:

  • The maximum level of detail depth – down to the level of specific IP visit

  • Completely independent data collection and all the necessary metrics (without the use of any third-party API)

  • Our own Call Tracking

  • Easy connection to any website or online store application

  • Tracking specific goals

  • Transfer of specific income figures for each ad click from Google Adwords, Yandex Direct and Bing Ads

  • Analysis of the efficiency of each advertising channel with specific figures.

  • Transfer of the income amounts for each conversion in manual or automatic mode Support of different time zones

  • Support of different time zones

  • Convenient unloading, high operating speed, online tracking mode, and much more

Analytics is the backbone for consultancy and auditing work that we can also take upon ourselves.

Development of the Digital Promotion Strategy

A set of specific actions, implementation of which ensures the achievement of goals facing the project. Generally formed for a relatively long-term perspective, though there are exceptions. The strategy involves the allocation of digital channels, where progress will be most effective, also a description of specific rules and aspects of work with each of the channels. Currently, the number of digital channels is very extensive - the Internet, mobile devices, local area networks, digital television, interactive screens (POS-terminals), touchscreen, Digital gadgets (smart watches and glasses, fitness bracelets etc.) and Digital Art.

We will analyze and choose optimal promotion channels for each specific project and form the right actions for each one of them.

Search Engine Promotion

Attracting visitors to your website, mobile application or to a page in social networks from search engines through SEO campaigns. It’s designed for a long-term perspective. It begins with the formation of the semantic core and optimizing the project. The result – leading positions at the semantic requests, which allow you to get the targeted traffic. Nowadays, search engine promotion is considered more widely – in the context of search marketing. It is reflected in the fact that in addition to the search engines, other sources are actively being used, such as social media, media sites, reviews, video, graphic content.

We will select and implement the best search engine promotion for your project, and estimate the profitability of such investment.

Contextual Advertising

Usage of advertisement platforms of Google, Yandex, Bing (and their partner sites), YouTube, social networking sites to attract visitors through PPC scheme - Pay per click.

Contextual advertisement platforms provide extensive targeting capabilities – focusing on the audience with certain properties. A proper selection of such properties allows you to receive the maximum effect from the advertising campaign. Contextual advertising provides a quick effect, however it is immediately terminated after the rejection of its use. Used mainly for a short term, but there are peculiarities.

We will conduct an effective advertising campaign – count its expenses and anticipate the revenue, estimate profitability, select optimal platforms, prepare creative advertising content and gather comprehensive analytics.

Social Marketing

Social networks and blogs have become part of our lives. They contain real consumers of the promoted product, with whom you can and should work - it has a unique opportunity of direct contact. This opportunity can be used for offering goods and services, gather feedback on its use, to provide technical support, storytelling, invitations to events etc.

We will help you properly use social networks and media channels and reveal its ability to achieve maximum economic effect.

The Development Strategy of the Brand

We will form a clear plan of actions and arguments, which should be pursued to achieve the brand’s objectives in the short, medium and long-term perspective.

Reputation Management

Your business often occurs to be under the effect of unfair competition, due to which search engines, social networking sites and specialized websites are overflown with negative reviews. The way out of this situation is a SERM (Search Engine Reputation Management) - actions aimed at the elimination of negative feedback about the company, product or service in search results. There are different strategies for such actions, the choice of which depends on the specific situation.

To displace negative reviews we use authoritative resources: the major news sources, thematic portals, industry forums, personal blogs and consumers’ personal websites.

Our agency will quickly and effectively improve the reputation of your company’s network.

Optimizing Conversion and Usability Analysis

The success of any digital project lies in converting resource visitors into real buyers. In order to improve the performance of this conversion it is important to work with the interface of the resource, optimize it, carry out experiments with it (A / B or split testing can be helpful here), to review the behavioral patterns.

Optimization of the interface in many cases can significantly increase conversion rates, and thus increase the economic benefits for your business.

We professionally investigate the interaction interface with the customer in a digital channel of any type, gather insights, and offer its scheme optimization.

Crowd and Content Marketing

In the age of advertising overload, recommendation of a professional or a friend is an important factor in the decision making. Crowd marketing is a sales method, which is based on stimulation of the target audience by taking into account the feedback. It is closely related to content marketing - working with content to stimulate sales. Such methods make it possible to get interested visitors on your digital resource whose probability of conversion is significantly higher than anyone else’s. Content and especially crowd marketing require participation of relevant experts. We are ready to both interact with the customer’s experts in case of the need to obtain the necessary information or support, and take on their training and directly connect them to the promotion processes.

We will make sure that the efficiency of your business will grow from attracting customers by recommendations.

E-mail and SMS Marketing

The objective of this type of marketing is to increase repeat sales and increase customer loyalty by using accumulated base of E-mail addresses or phone numbers. By analyzing shopping behaviour history of your customers, we develop a schedule to send E-mail or SMS messages at those time intervals when most customers are inclined to purchase goods or services. Special techniques are used to analyze the performance of such campaigns.

Our agency will increase repeat sales due to E-mail and SMS mailings – we will create optimal content for sending and select the most efficient schedule and message frequency, safely and securely send out all mail.

Media Advertising

The main task to be solved by the media advertising - is to increase brand awareness by demonstrating its visual image. Media advertising involves placing static, animated or video promo-blocks on the network of thematic sites. This ultimately leads to an increase in sales through other channels, as the brand starts working.

We use AdvertTrack for analysis, AdOpinion / Gemius for selecting the most relevant sites and for changing the overall effectiveness, as well as AdRiver, DoubleClick for direct control of online advertising.

We will hold a media advertising campaign that will increase brand awareness.

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